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Welcome to our about us page. Here you can learn a little more about who we are, what we believe in, and some of the way we can help you to improve your performance and reach your goals

Our Story

Eat Move Perform was founded in 2019 by James A. Hickman to bring high-quality Strength & Conditioning services to both recreational and professional athletes looking to improve their performance. Since this time we have expanded our network and services to offer sports nutrition counselling, online personal training, and a wide selection of books, training programs, and diet plans.

It is our firm belief that these specialist services, often only available to high-performing athletes and the very wealthy should be accessible and affordable to anyone with a passion to improve their athletic performance and reach their goals. Regardless of your background or training history, we’re confident that we have the tools to help you realise your goal of crossing that finish line, lifting that championship trophy, or smashing your personal best. 

Meet The Team


“James prepared research extensively on my sport to provide a bespoke strength and conditioning program, keeping in mind my strength and weaknesses determined by [my] pre-assessment testing, personal preferences and injury history.”

Emma - SQUAD Volleyball

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