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Any food can be part of a healthy diet when enjoyed in moderation. Where possible, alternative ingredient suggestions have been provided to meet your nutritional requirements but note this will affect the nutritional information provided. Instead of compromising the sweet treat recipes with low-fat, low-sugar recommendations, we instead recommend you enjoy these no more than 1-2 times/month and be sensible with your portions.

  • Açai Bowl

    Pronounced ah-sigh-EE, Açai bowls originate in Brazil and are made of frozen açai palm fruit that is pureed and served as a smoothie in a bowl. Açai bowls are then topped with granola, banana, and guaraná syrup, among other variations.

    10 Minutes

    2 Servings

  • Ackee with Saltfish

    A quintessentially Jamaican dish made with saltfish, Jamaica’s national fruit ackee, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. A fantastic one pot dish that is traditionally eaten for breakfast but can be enjoyed any time of day.

    25 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Bircher Museli

    Swiss Bircher muesli is a delicious combination that’s both creamy and fruity. It’s a healthy, easy breakfast you need to try and the origin of the overnight oats trend.

    10 Minutes

    1 Serving

  • Brownies

    Hailing from the USA brownies are a tasty treat that everyone likes. Follow this foolproof brownie recipe for a squidgy chocolate bake that you and your friends will love.

    1 Hour

    16 Servings

  • Cannoli

    If you’ve ever tried a cannoli you know they’re something special. Originating in Sicily, Italy, these deep fried pastries filled with cream cheese, pistachios, and lemon are a refreshing treat that has to be tried.

    70 Minutes

    30 Servings

  • Chilaquiles

    Chee-lah-KEE-less! This is true Mexican comfort food, what your mom made you for breakfast when she had some stale tortillas that needed to get used up and is oh so tasty.

    15 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Cornish Pasty

    The south west of England is one of the friendliest and most beautiful parts of the world. One food from there I always crave when I’m away is pasties. So to help with the cravings, here is the recipe straight from legendary Ann’s Pasties.

    90 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Makhlama Lahm

    For this rich, spicy Iraqi breakfast dish, ground lamb is sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and parsley, seasoned to the hilt with bahar asfar, yellow curry powder, and then topped with soft-baked eggs.

    25 Minutes

    4 Servings

  • Menemen

    This traditional Turkish egg scramble is quick and easy to make with a few basic ingredients, and extra-delicious when served up with some good crusty bread. Easily varied by adding some feta, sausage, ham or pastrami, spinach, or extra veggies.

    15 Minutes

    3-4 Servings

  • Mohinga

    Considered the national dish of Myanmar, Mohinga is traditionally cooked with catfish which may be hard to source. This version uses mackerel as an alternative but is just as tasty and a must try.

    75 Minutes

    6 Servings

  • Shakshuka

    Shakshuka is a classic North African and Middle Eastern dish and one that’s eaten for breakfast or any meal of the day. Shakshuka means “a mixture” and the traditional version uses tomatoes, onions and spices with eggs poached on top.

    30 Minutes

    2 Servings

  • Thieboudienne

    Thieboudienne (or Senegalese Jollof Rice and Fish), is the national dish of Senegal and a mouth watering dish like nothing you’ve tried before.

    2 Hours

    8 Servings

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip around the culinary world and maybe found a new favourite dish. If you’d like to learn more about good nutrition for health and performance then check out our founder’s book Eat Move Perform: Volume 1 - Nutrition & Supplements, our ready-made diet plans, or our 1-to-1 sports nutrition services. Whatever your goals may be, we’re confident we have the right option for you.

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