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Volume 1 - Nutrition & Supplements

Are you confused by all the conflicting information on diets and nutrition? Are you tired of being told what diet to follow without explaining why? Do you wish someone would explain what you need to know about nutrition so you can create your ideal diet to reach your goals? Well then this is the book for you. Eat Move Perform is a detailed, evidence-based guide to all things nutrition and supplements related but written for everyone to understand.

Each chapter will guide you through key information about macro-/micronutrients, energy balance, diets, meal timing/frequency, the gut microbiome, and more, while providing practical tips and advice you can apply right away. Textbooks are a nightmare to read and popular diet books are easy reads but offer little in the way of helpful information. This book sits right in the sweet spot between the two. Detailed but eay to read, informative but not overwhelming. An answer to the question, why isn’t there just an unbiased, easy-to-read book that will explain everything?

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Volume 2 - Exercise & Performance

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